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Just posted general topic, because I thought the unknown texture issue problem had been solved on this rendering, but after one clean rendering, this model is again rendering completely black with the error code back.  

Please give me some feedback.  I'm attaching  the last couple of renders and will send skp file separately through your help log.

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png WM_10.19_2016-10-19_09045200000.png (1.20 MB, 12 views)
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Just as an FYI...I moved this model to another computer, and it rendered fine.. Still not clear what's happening.

I teach Podium and SketchUp at a couple of Colleges and to Design Professionals.  I really would like to understand this error code so that I can also help students when it arises in class.

Thanks for any information you can give me.

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This is a known issue, but we don't know the cause. It happens periodically and apparently at random. Re-rendering normally fixes it for me.
When I have the problem on my Mac, I don't get an unknown texture error...

We are working on quite a lot of things right now, so I can't give you any more information I'm afraid.


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