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Don't know about anyone else but I would find it hugely beneficial if you could make certain podium browser content scalable (or an on/off scale button?). i.e when you add window frames, you can drag them to fit the size of the hole and the frames etc.. will retain their original thicknesses and dimensions.

Many thanks,

keep up the good work guys


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Ah - I guess you mean dynamic components. We do actually have lots of these already. Pictures are tricky in that if you scale them unevenly, you scale the background image unevenly.

Setting up the frames to scale in the way you describe isn't difficult, but it is a bit involved and time-consuming.

We could maybe add some empty frames, for people to add their own images though...


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Also check out fredo scale extension, works like sweet magic, I use it a lot with the components from the browser, it's like stretch for AutoCAD but in skp!

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