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I'm probably preaching to the converted but recently I needed a seamless texture from this sample
So I used "bricksntiles" which is free from
which I discovered a year ago.
I then created
which isn't the best but that was only five minutes worth.

Thought this might be of interest.

Paul J

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The resulting texture is very different to the source one. I looked at this site and there aren't many good inspirational images in their gallery. Based on this result, I certainly wouldn't recommend this software, MaPZone is better - and free, but is rather more complicated.

Redfield's seamless workshop (also free) can produce decent results, but if you want to create good seamless textures, you need to spend a little time in Photoshop or another image editor, or use a more powerful tool.

The importance of this can't be overstated because you can never have a decent render without good textures. However if you start with excellent texture maps,you can improve an otherwise pretty crappy render.


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