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Here it is my second trial after 2 weeks of inactivity. I will post more renderings of the same room as soon as my renders are done. I don't know how you guys have the time to play and post everyday, I am very busy with my real job and have just a few hours a week to spend modeling and rendering. I am checking the forum daily and I have seen some great renderings recently.
Great job guys.

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AMAZING! Great Job!!


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nice colors - they stand out well when rendered. It looks a bit jaggy though, is your AA turned down? And that brick texture looks awesome!

One thought - take the flower pot out of the middle and put the flowers in the vase that is beside the chair on the left. I feel like it is pulling too much interest away from your great neutral colors. Maybe as a side note/accessory it would have more effect. And maybe even lighten the colors of the little statues so that they "pop"
Sorry to be critical of the composition, just giving my worthless two cents.

Good job - cool colors.
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