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Can i add to the wish list, the ability to render and have shadows appear in the PNG file that are generated at the sketchup ground plane without having to have added a 2d plane into the 3d model. 

This would help when compositing vegetation into renders. 

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Hi there, 

I'm afraid it would be pretty specific and not easy to do. Podium calculates the shadows by it self, if there is no ground plane, it won't be able to cast shadows on it. I the past I used to make a white ground plane, cut it out in Photoshop, adjust levels to have only strong shadows, and blend it with multiply. Exporting SU shadows might also help you,but you'll need to make them a bit softer!

Hope it helps!

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This is a pretty specific request that I've only heard a single person request. We could do it, but the time and effort aren't really worth it for a couple of very particular requests. The solution is to make the ground plane a specific colour so you can isolate it in PS.

Or you could use export buffers. Justin described these on the forum a few months ago. These are effectively separate image masks for Photoshop.


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