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Hi ,

I am trying Podium and Prowalker on a new PC . The Sketchup closes without bugsplat or warning at times while using prowalker . But, couple of times it  crashed without even starting PW .

Is there a way to determine what is causing the crash ..whether there is some problem  in Hardware or it maybe software issue  . 

  1. I had downloaded sample models from Prowalker and Su-Podium .So the files must be all right.   
  2. I have formatted the PC (win10 pro) and installed latest graphics drivers for RTX 2060-S. 
  3. Reinstalled sketchup, and no other plugins are installed .
  4. Sketchup 2019 checkup ( from trimble) also shows no issue , but it says that it is not able the determine the memory.
  5. In speccy the memory is shown correctly ( refer attached image) and temperature is also ok.
  6. Task manager shows CPU  is being utlised to 100% while rendering  (AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor) .
Any advise shall be really helpful.


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We know that under most circumstances, both programs coexist perfectly happily.

Try uninstalling one of the apps, and seeing if the other behaves normally.

In fact I'm not aware of any circumstances where both apps don't play nicely together.

I wonder whether it might be a conflict with something else. 

Try creating a new user account (don't migrate an existing one - you can end up with all sorts of random weirdness, and don't install any new drivers or software) installing only one of the applications, and testing that. 


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Thanks Bigstick,

I am also suspecting something might be wrong other than a Podium related issue .
Just posted here as this forum has been  super helpful in all matters.
I just wanted to know if there are ways/test utilities  to determine what might be failing in the PC on hardware /software level otherwise .

I have sent my graphics card to the IT guy to check it,  and if possible replace it.... As I had already reinstalled the Windows & sketchup  while using a new windows account for  the same  .

Shall wait and see for their input too.

Thanks .

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I did have a few Sketchup crashes when starting PW - ran the "Analyse Model" which found some LEM issues with the model. Deleted these and it was fine. Maybe worth a check.

For Ref, I also have a Ryzen 7 but the 1800x / 32gb ram / RTX 2080ti but running Sketchup pro 2018.

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Also try updating your graphics drivers. Did wonders for me with my crashing issues.

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What is the GPU version you are using.  Some customers have reported if they are using an older GTX the 1.2.1 version of ProWalker (which supports RTX cores) fails.  If that's the case, we can make the 1.2.0 version available.
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