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Hello Podium Community. I posted this originally to the Sketchup Community Forum, but maybe you guys could help me better. 

I have been having an issue with the SU Podium Section Tool. I have read almost every article about this online and no one has seemed to have found a solution. 
I am working on a few models currently, all which will be rendered. One is a model that I have modified from earlier this year, the other I created from scratch today. In both models, every time I try to create a SU Podium Section to render the scene, the program crashes with a BugSplat.

Here is some basic information about the models/ my computer:
SketchUp/ Podium finds no errors with either of the files. All excess materials/ information has been purged from both models. All other scenes not requiring sections are rendering correctly.
SketchUp creates the second file for the section, but the section plane is not created/ model is not cut. It’s essentially a copy of the original file with a new name.

Also, I have used this tool many times before under the same license on the same computer and it has worked without error. This is the first time I have had an issue with this tool. The files are relatively small, appx. 13MB each. Typically, our file sizes are over 100MB and work with the section tool just fine.

All drivers on my computer are up to date. I have made sure all updates are ran as well.
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadros K420, 1GB DDR3

I have included one of the error logs as well as one of the files with this post.

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pdf SketchUpLog-2018-09-04-15_38_17.dox.pdf (92.19 KB, 9 views)
skp 2018 09 04 B3 Shower & Tub.skp (13.14 MB, 5 views)



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I'll take a look at this model and see if I have issues.

Bbut in my experience if you have a number of components in SketchUp and you apply a SketchUp section to a component without first opening the component (Edit the component), the SketchUp section will extend the extents of the mode and be irrelevant.  If that happens and you try Podium Sections, Podium Sections will typically fail.
I have created a Podium Sections video tutorial that might help you understand this.  But later today, I'll give you model a look.

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mp4 PlanViewPresentation.mp4 (9.35 MB, 16 views)

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