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Maybe not the appropriate forum, but worth a shot. 

The issue I'm having, is that every single time I open SketchUp, it forces me to agree to the "Software End Use License Agreement", then it forces me to select a drawing template before clicking the button 'start using sketchup'.  Even if I uncheck the box that says "always show on startup", it still forces me to do this every time. 

Once in Sketchup, I have to load what toobars I want, position them where I want them, etc. If I were to close SketchUp at this point, and re-launch, it is supposed to remember all of these settings, but it doesn't.  I have to go through this process every time I open the program.  It also forgets my podium paid browser license and user key info every time I close down.  SketchUp does remember rendering portion of Podium, so I don't have to re-enter my info for that, but just the browser.

Any clues what could be causing this?

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I'm not sure why SketchUp is asking you to choose a template every single time, but there is a trick to getting the Podium Browser license to save if for some reason it isn't sticking.

In the Podium Browser options box, enter your license and click save. 

The options box will close, but re-open it and then just click save again.

Saving it a second time seems to solve the issue with Podium Browser not remembering the license key.

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If you are using SketchUp 2018 on Windows, all the SketchUp preference info. is saved (including Podium Browser license) here:
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\PrivatePreferences.json
It's possible that this file is being deleted  by some Anti-Virus or anti-malware program.

Or it's possible that you do not have write privileges to the the above folder for some reason.

If you are on the Mac, both PrivatePreferences.json and SharedPreferences.json are saved to /Users//Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp.  Maybe that file is getting deleted as well or you do not have permission to save to that folder.
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