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anybody have a quick, easy, and free method to take an assembly file from Solidworks and get it into sketchup?  Working on a model for a park, and I'm trying to get the actual site furnishings and equipment accurately portrayed.  So far I've gotten everything, except for the playground equipment.  The manufacturer doesn't have .skp files, I can't find any already done in the warehouse.  They create all their 3d models of their equipment in Solidworks, so I have the files for those.

I've tried downloading the solidworks e-viewer, exported the mesh as an .stl file.  Then downloaded meshlab, and cleaned up the drawings (removing duplicate vertices, simplifying geometery, etc.).  From Meshlab I can then export the mesh as a .3ds file (if I can simplify it enough) or a .dxf file.  Either of which I should be able to import directly into sketchup.  I've only been able to get one portion of the equipment simplified enough to create a .3ds file, but when I import that, only 3 little pieces of the overall structure actually show up.  I can't get any of the .dxf files to import either.  Sketchup gets to 99% on the import and says the import is complete, but the 99% status bar never goes away, and nothing ever comes in.  The .dxf file is 77mb which I'm sure is part of the problem.

Any ideas?


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Do you have Rhino3D?  That's has one of the best converters. I think it might even support SolidWorks imports as is.  Then export to .skp from Rhino.
You can do all this in the Free Trial.
Also, MoI3D has an IGES import and a direct .skp export.  I do not think the assembly will remain an assembly if you do an IGES export from SolidWorks.


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Deep Exploration CAD edition - brilliant!

This should convert from Solidworks to Sketchup in a single step. It will also do batch conversions.


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