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sort of an supodium addon feature

the ability to 'spray paint' textures onto surfaces without it having them just cover the entire face. so that you have complete control over blending textures pre-render.
not sure if this is at all possible with the way sketchup actually works
.. but it would be nice

example application - blending different types of grass together before rendering. 

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What about overlay transparent PGN textures planes?
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Ah, now you are talking about a procedural texture editor. I have used these before and to be honest, I'm not in favour. Unless they are implemented really, really well they don't produce results any better than a good texture.

Also, most I have seen are very complicated to use. This means that it would take a long time to develop, which would add at least $50 to the cost of the licence. For the people who want this facility, great. However for everyone else, they might prefer to save the money during a global recession


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