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I'm in shock to hear Steve Jobs died today.  It's the same feeling I got when I heard John Lennon was killed (back in 1980). Of course, I never new Steve Jobs but I think he was hugely respected by everyone in the computer industry.

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I'm also shocked Davew...
But... we all knew Steve Jobs somehow. A part of him... 

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Yeah, we all saw it a bit coming...

Never really agreed with is marketing philosophy, but he accomplished and immense feat- many respects.

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even though we knew it was coming it is still a big shock. what a man and what achievements. we probably do not realize how much of our lives is influenced by his ideas and the products he helped to produce.

I hope he was able to motivate enough people to move his legacy forwards.

david pogue's column in the NYT does a little to summarize his relevance.

edson mahfuz
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i have owned only apple computers all my life. i've had one apple 2c, 2 macintoshes, one blue imac and 2 white macbooks (the first one was stolen). i have argued a billion times against windows users and they all end up buying a mac at certain point. Steve Jobs was a huge influence in all our lives. Most of us own at least one product he produced and, as obama pointed out, i too found out he had died using one of his products. this Man was a huge genius not only in terms of computers, but also in terms of design and marketing. i'm positive that if mies van der rohe hadn't come up with the phrase "less is more", he would have been the one to say it. RIP Steve Jobs. 
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