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Hi ive had a quick go on the trial and ive been really impressed , but i do have a few questions.

id just like to confirm that the student version can do the full size renders as i will need this for my presentation work. i would also like to know if the student version has any time restricions and whether i will be able to update it as new versions become available.

I also have a small issue with sketch up crashing just as it finishes renderng but this could be me as i was running quite a few other things at the time.

thanks for any help you can give


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Im running the student license and it is the whole program. You can render up to 3076x2304 pixels. Get in the habit of hitting the save button before you begin a render. My experience is that podium doesn't crash anymore often then rendering with Form-Z or 3d Studio Max. It just gets you 90% of the results with a fraction of the effort.

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