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G'day from down under,

I have just  started to have enough time to read some of the online sketchup mags like CatchUp from the SketchUcation forum and as is the case in this forum, I was quite amazed at the tips and techniques I picked up.

So I thought it was about time I got a bit more vocal on some of my goodies.  One of which is keeping all my computers up to date and THE SAME.

I use three computers, an up to date one at work and a faster one at home, which I use both at the same time using "drop box".  I also use DropBox to send renders to my clients just using a URL.

So to keep all my work the same I always carry a 1TB paocket hard drive which is my synchronization and backup drive bucket.  and from this drive I use "AllwaySync" to synchronise my plugins directories on all three machines (Lap top too).  I always have a "MySketchup" folder which I also sync which has all my materials, styles, templates...

The only thing i cannot sync is the the toolbar positions, but I'm sure I will find a setting for that soon.

The other advantage is if I trash some settings i can always raid one of the other computers to get stuff back.

Hope this may be useful.  Both DropBox and AllwaySync are available for free.


Paul J


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Nice tips! I have an app called Syncmate which allows me to keep folders synchronised, but I use a USB memory stick. I hadn't thought of syncing my SU installations with this method though.

We also rely on DropBox for Podium development. Fantastic tool!


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