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My first ever rendering software purchased. "Su Podium 2" turned out to be an

Excellent Affortable Rendering Machine!! Thankyou guys. What a great team.

My suggstion is this. I think the "Podium Rendering Manager" do need some

seirous attention!  If you close the "Podium Rendering Manager" you lose all the 

rendering list! It should be possible to create a list of render queue and save it for

later.  User should be able to easily manipulate the queue including arranginng 

order or even pause the rendering process if possible.



PS: I've not been able to turn my computer off since last night because I can't save the queue.

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You can generate script from the new function installed with 2.4.
Plugins-supodiumv2-generate: This will save the script file on the location of your choice. So, you can generate all script you want and then load it in the OPPR with the "Add file" option when you want.

A warning tho, those script can be really heavy. Actually they are automatically deleted after render. Don't forget to delete them when you are done.

Arranging order is a good idea. 
Pausing render is not possible I'm afraid, but (with windows at least) you can put your PC to sleep and it will resume render after it wakes.

Thanks for the feedback!

Podium Tech. Support

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The point about deleting the script files is precisely because they take up so much space. With large skp files you can end up with individual script files of 1Gb (yes, that is gigabyte) or more

The new generate function keeps them, and you can drag them onto PRM. reordering renders and pausing would take time to implement that would be better spent doing other things. 

We have some essential bugfixing to do and some new features to implement to make life easier for all Podium users.

Some of the simplest things, like adding a 'Browse' button for the model save location for example are not always as quick as people think. We are working with a cross-platform solution where both are developed concurrently and we want the same solution for both - as far as possible.

It's not that your suggestions aren't good and useful (they are), but just that there is so much stuff to do, and so few of us to do it. We do like suggestions because even if some are particularly tricky or irrelevant, occasionally we get some real gems. 

I look forward to you posting some of your images


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