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I am working on a project, where (in SketchUp ) I have created a number of scenes. The scenes, when run in sequence do a tour around an object. The different scenes have different layers turned on and off at different times throughout the animation, in order to show different materials within the object. It works great in SketchUp 2015.

I have imported those scenes to PW, and have run my preview video. I have noticed that the preview video does not turn on and off the layers, as occurs in SketchUp when I hit 'PLAY ANIMATION'.  

I am currently in the process of creating/exporting the video, but at the rate it is processing, it is going to be a few more hours before the video is complete. 6-7 hours per video.

Question is, when going through the full rendering process for the video, will it turn the layers on and off like in the SketchUp animation scenes ?

If not, how do I go about doing this ? Do I record multiple videos with the layers on and off as required, then use a video editing software to cut and splice it all together to get the final product that I am looking for.
I guess I will have my answer in a few hours, if someone does not get back to me in the mean time.

Would be nice if it actually turned the layers on and off. Otherwise I am going to be exporting 6 videos, that take 6-7 hours each to render. Then cut and splice them all together. Seems like there should be an easier way.

Hopefully it just does it.

I searched through this Forum looking for an answer. Could not find what I was looking for, so thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Kev, 

No it won't make changes to geometry state unfortunately. Making multiple video would be an option although pretty time consuming..but slitting video for shtoter export time is a good thing actually. If it fails or give unwanted results you can re-render more quickly.

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