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Sometimes when you apply material in SU, the render refuses to show you the wanted result. The direction of the material can be different or you see material you didn't want to see or no material at all.
Here are some guidelines to prevent such problems.

  • Make sure that all the faces are turned outside.
How to check this? Go to View, Face Style, Monochrome and check if all the faces are light. surface.JPG 
If not, RMB on the face and click 'Reverse Faces'
reverse faces.JPG 
  • Apply material only at one side of the face. ( the front side)
If you also apply material on the back side, the result can be unexpected. So if there's material in the second window, remove it.
  • Don't apply materials on groups or components.
This also gives you unexpected results, such as rotated material. Specially when you apply a material both to the group and faces inside the group!  
You can check this by selecting the group or component. Make sure that it has no material attached. The Entity info should show a default material. If not, click the square and choose the default material.  Then go into the group or component and apply material to the faces there. grouporcomponent.JPG 
  • Last but not least: check your Podium Material properties!
Many of these parameters effects show up only in the render.

Today I struggled with a  problem with a material: In the render one material turned all black. I tried to remove the texture, reset Color, use another texture, checked the faces.
Until I finally looked at the Podium Material Properties. And behold, I accidentally must have dialed the Difusse parameter to a near 5%. It doesn't show up in SU, but in your render it turns black...  [rolleyes]
So, if you got unexpected material problems, check these out.
And perhaps I missed some more, then I would like to read about them!


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I moved this to the Tips and tricks section, as it is meant for those kind of posts!

Thanks Drawovis, this sums up pretty well! I would differ on the blackface tho, i'm pretty sure it does not matter if there's a texture mapped on it, as long as the front side is correctly mapped with no other material on a group/component containing that geometry!

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