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Well, every since Big Stick (Jim) gave me a model of Ando Azuma in 2010, I've been mangling it up into all kinds of configurations, mostly for testing.
But I finally sat down to read the story of Ando and Azuma.  Turns out the architect is Tadao Ando from the Osaka area in Japan.  And the residence he designed and was built in the 70s, is actually in existence and in use by the Azuma family.  It's in a not-so-rich-and-fancy area in the industrial city of Osaka - think Chicago but bigger and crowded.

When you see the actual photos of the outside of the Azuma residence you will get a sense of how simple and small this structure is.

Read about it here if you don't mind all the ads -
or do a search for Ando Azuma House.

In English we would call this Row House.  Nagashi, in Japanese.

I'm posting because there's been a lot of modeling and rendering based on this house.  In reality, I don't think one can actually enter the house because it's a private residence.  You can view the structure from the outside.  Therefore we don't know what the interior is like.

This design is meant to be simple.  It is a two story (floor) residence with 4 rooms and a small bathroom.  For Western standards, the rooms are tiny. The inner and outer walls are concrete.  The floors are wood material.  The patio on the upper floor has no ceiling/ roof.  In fact the ground floor patio is open as well and subject to rain and snow.  The patio and stairs are tiled.

Most of the daylight came from the open patio area.  Each room has a floor to ceiling glass wall and door. 
I imagine there's light fixtures placed all over though.

Check out my latest rendition from bedroom 1 (no bed in this rendering)
ANDO_Azuma-standard.png  And here is a rendering done by a more professional outfit...remember we are all guessing what the interior really looks like.
ando-house-furnished.jpg  Here's the actual plan view.  The real one is in Japanese though.


So, the post here is not a contest.  I'm just seeing if anyone has enough time to create their own interpretation of this amazing model.

I am attaching the mangled version of the .skp here.  (SU 2017) I say mangled because over the years I have exploded all the original groups over the years. 

I'm hoping Big Stick has the original with everything grouped properly.

you have to wonder about the open patio and what happens when it rains.  According to one article, the Azuma family had to have umbrellas to get to the bathroom and the stairs were slippery.  I would guess there would have to be a drain or two on the ground floor. 

And how did they heat this home.  No doubt space heating

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skp ando_azuma.skp (1.31 MB, 7 views)


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I couldn't find the original model, so I updated it and rebuilt the geometry, adding detail, and componentising the different elements.
I found some original photos (they are quite tricky to get hold of) and made some changes and updates, including retexturing some elements.

I have left the original wall material in the model if you want to use that for the main concrete structure.

Here you go - enjoy!

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skp ANDO_Azuma_remodelled.skp (17.25 MB, 14 views)


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I'm including some new images.  These look like real photograph of the Azuma row home.

And one of the original plan view.  Upper floor is at the bottom.



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thanks guys, nice info. [smile]

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Love it, thanks!
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