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hello podium community!

I am really amazed by this plugin, however, I came across a problem in the very first day of rendering:

It's my 2nd render, a simple room with standard materials on everything besides the floor (reflect: 20%) and light surfaces in the windows.
there are no leaks in the scene - it's completely sourrounded by the walls.

I tried various settings but it still produces some artifacts on the floor and the wall in the back.

what can be a problem?

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I have experienced a similar thing (stripes) when using the SU sky. Try turning it off and using a plain coloured background.

For the spots on the wall, increase the quality settings. I never use less than 75%.


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thanks for your input

unfortunately, the quality is already at 100%, so is the smoothness.
the background is plain white, with no sky nor ground.

I changed it to black and tried again but still no luck - I have stripes all over the floor and dots on the wall.

also adding a material to the wall doesn't help.

I'll try a different angle and see what happens...

EDIT: nope, no changes at all. I really don't know what to do.
I lowered the floor a little just to see if it has any effect - well, the stripes mostly disappear but the the rest looks terrible

earlier today I noticed a different problem - I made a scene with a single box and a light surface enlightening it from the side - all enclosed in a bigger box.

when I hit render, both the floor and the lit box's side came out extremely artifacted.

after relaunching SU and remodelling the scene from scratch it renderer perfectly.

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Hi rein4ce, welcome to the forum.
I also had problems like yours with a model of mine (read the thread about 'strange happenings') and I managed to fix them with simply scaling the whole thing down to 1/10.
In your model it seems quite obvious to scale it down to 1/100, for your room isn't meant to be 500m in length, is it?
After all it worked (see attachments). I wonder if Podium has some difficulties with extremely large LEMs... in future I'll try avoid those.

Hope to was helpful,


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Thanks! it worked perfectly!

my bad for not checking the dimensions after importing an old model

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