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Hey all,

Finally got around to making my first post!

Here is a panoramic I worked on today for an AV room, as part of a group of visualisations I have been working on to assist one of my colleagues in selling the interior design schemes to the clients.

Would love to get some constructive feedback on it. I have been using podium for a short while now, and I am by no means anywhere near the level of some of the posts I have seen in this forum. I am always looking to improve however and would appreciate your thoughts and tips.

Many thanks.

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This is a decent render! For a quick render it shows the design very well, it is not particularly detailed but it gives a good overall impression.

The lighting is pretty good, but there are a few blotches that should have been avoidable with either the high or the QMC presets.

For improvement, you need to get a better texture for the floor and the window cill. It might be usable but it's too contrasty and the scale is too big. It clashes with the other finishes. 

Light switches, sockets and skirting/base boards always improve realism. Cables always look good too, we have a selection in the Browser.

There's no handle on that door, is it a pocket door, or are you trying to keep someone captive? [wink]

There's no detailing on the timber feature wall and the drawers have no pulls. The way it is modelled and rendered, it could be made out of cheese and covered in wood effect wallpaper. The door reveal is also not particularly realistic.

Finally the eye level looks rather high!

The beauty of panoramas is that you can get away with less detail because you move the viewpoint around. In a smaller room however, you are going to quickly pick out the lack of detail.

Lots of opportunities to improve, and many of them shouldn't take long, but as a quick & dirty render, it's a good one [thumb]


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I rendered this on the default pre-set and expected to get the unfortunate few blotches here and there, however for the purpose of this visualisation it needed to be done fairly quickly so I did not fret about it too much. 

The floor texture I totally agree with you on, it was one of the handful of textures (and components) existing in the model when I took it over from my colleague and I unfortunately did not stop to think about it. Will keep this in mind in future renders however.

The door in the corner of the room is a pocket door modified from the browser and has the circular inset door handle, perhaps there is some way to make this more obvious? Changing out the handle? The door reveal design was advised to look like that by my colleagues working on this project, if I come to render this room again at a later stage that's something I will double check with them again as I was unsure about it myself! Also, the clients of this project don't want skirting so that is why it was left out. Otherwise that is usually something I will consistently always add.

The eye level was a problem for me in this render, I set it lower than I usually would. I think the problem is coming from more the design of the room itself. The window is low and makes the rest of the room seem off. I think this is because the floor itself had to be raised for some reason.

Definitely some things I missed on this one though, and I thank you for picking those out for me. I will re-post a new link to a panoramic if I come around to updating this particular model again at a future date, will be interesting to see how it will look then.


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I agree generally with the prior comments. The biggest stand outs to me are the high camera to everything and not just the windows and -for whatever reasons- the albums on the wall stood out as they should be randomly angled as if resting on the shelf and not flat against the back wall as if nailed to the wall. As a nitpick, the door frame depth seems too thick. Id also recommend changing the color of the light to a warmer color at least for the ones on the hendrix wall but that's my personal preference.  Its a decent overall presentation and certainly enough to convey the look and feel of everything.

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Hurray to panoramas.  And hurray to Jimi Hendrix!!  I think lowering the camera to 5'10" or so and higher preset/ higher resolution would make this pano really nice.
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