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I am using su podium 2.5+ demo version. I am trying it for the first time. I followed tutorials but I am getting too dull and unrealistic rendering. even did edited image from the podium rendering manager. please suggest me how to improve my rendering. I can attach my image and sketchup file too. first one is rendered in "visualizer" and another one in "podium" and .skp file is also attached.ADMIN BLOCK.jpg  admin_podium.jpg

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What you mean is that you want a sharper image and more vibrant colours. The first image is quite crude and unsubtle. If you look at the shadows in those recesses either side of the main entrance, you'll see what I mean.

You can also increase the exposure and sun intensity sliders.

I'm not sure what you did in PIE, but it doesn't look like you did much.

I would increase contrast and saturation, add a little vignette, and play with the curves.

However - your basic model lacks detail to get a really convincing render.
The car has no place in a render which has any hope of being claimed to be realistic. Those bushes need variation to stop them looking identical. This is why we built the Nudge extension.

You need a decent texture on the road. There are quite a few in the Browser. The raised footpath along the edge of the road - what material is supposed to be on the vertical face?
You need to add things like lighting columns and road kerbs.

That texture in the recesses of the large panels - what material is that supposed to be?

The sky background doesn't match the render. Better to take it out, it's not improving the image. Everything you add to your Sketchup scene should improve it but it's not the case here.

You are trying to be too ambitious with a model that isn't really convincing. Add some more detail and textures and re-render, then experiment in PIE.

You will be able to get a much nicer image than the ones above 😉

If you keep posting your progress images, we can help you to continually improve.


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
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   hi bigstick I followed some of your suggestions but I think few more trials are needed. I did this

  • I did't exposure and sun intensity sliders in PIE.
  • fist I clicked on auto levels button in pie and then I played a little with brightness, contrast, sharpness, vignette (all except vignette increased) and changed in curves too.
  • Changed cars, taken from podium browser
  • I used nudge to change the plants change by 5% in x,y and z directions
  • road texture I can't download because I am using demo version
  • concrete added for the vertical face of the road
  • Kerbs are there already in the model
  • street lights added
  • texture in the recesses of the large panels - exterior wood--added little bump to it (9%)
  • Sky background I can't download as I am using demo
  • previously I used "exterior - default" preset for rendering and this time "exterior - high" preset
  • First image    is before using PIE and second image after using PIE
  • one more problem raised, a curved shadow (like background sky) appearing in the image but unable to find what it is.
  • And why my IVY is not rendering (which I made with IVY plugin)
  • I want to learn this as early as possible on this old model so that I can recommend to buy full version
  • i'll keep on posting progressive images, plz give me some more suggestions
  • I am attaching .skp file also here (can you please correct it in the model so that I can see what is changed in the model to understand)

admin (23-10-18) LV 2019-02-02 01023200000.jpg  admin (23-10-18) LV 2019-02-02 01023200000a.jpg 

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zip admin (23-10-18) (19.00 MB, 2 views)


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This is an improvement!

1. Lose the background sky. If you are using a skydome, don't the new v2.6 uses HDRI backgrounds which are much, much better. In hot countries a plain cloudless sky is a better option most of the time. use Podium Physical Sky 2 and don't mess around with anything else for now
2. You need kerb textures. They do look rather high though. Typically kerbs are 12-15cm high.
3. use the Nudge plugin for your 3d shrubs. It has a randomise feature that we built specifically to deal with things like vegetation. You can individually randomise the rotation around the z axis, and the scale and position. Experiment a bit. If you are using 2d shrubs - better to use 3D ones in the foreground. Don't use 2 different type of columnar trees. 
4. Move the tree that looks as if it is growing in the same place as the street lighting column - or move the column
5. You might be using a circular background, and the shadow is being cast by that. Either way, you have geometry between the light source and behind the camera. I'm afraid I'm not downloading a 19mb file over a slow connection to do your work for you [wink]
If you post an aerial view, a screenshot of your SketchUp model, but zoomed out, we should be able to see what the problem is.
6. What is that strange material in the recessed panels on those large rectangular sections?
7. Extrude your ground plane. It will get rid of the strange light effects at the base of the kerb.
8. Add car parking lines. Add them in SU as flat planes elevated maybe 2mm above the road surface. 

Post your updates, and we'll refine from there!


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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