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Hi everybody,

I am very new to rendering. This is one of my first attempts. I can't figure out how to enhance the depth of the cabinets or how to make the appliances look more realistic.

Any feedback is much appreciated. 

Thank you

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There are a few things here. First of all, your model doesn't have enough detail.

Have a look at this page.

Follow the tutorials and it ought to improve your renders significantly.

The detail in your model, lighting and material settings all need work.

The Browser overcomes most of these problems because it has lots of preconfigured components you can drop into your model and 99 times out of 100 they 'just work' and work well.

For example the gaps between the doors on your kitchen units is too small and the handles too small and crude.

The cooker and stools are simply bad models, not nearly good enough for rendering.

There is also nothing outside the window.

Unfortunately you can't simply build a simple room, chuck in a few components from 3DW and expect Podium to suddenly make it look great.

Even setting the camera angle to something a bit more natural would help.

Getting 3d renders to look realistic takes time and some careful attention to some details you probably wouldn't have thought about before. It's not difficult, but it is a learning process, and although it takes time to get used to initially, eventually it will become second nature to you.

Stick at it, you'll improve. Keep posting updates and we'll help 😉


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Thank's for the feedback!
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