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I'm just beginning to get my sea legs in SU Podium and have several questions about rendering output.

  • In all my renderings, whether viewed in the Browser pane or as final products are quite small in a large empty sheet. This seems quite wasteful of rendering time, etc, and seems to force very large files in order to get a good resolution on the perhaps 20% of the image one is looking for.
  • How does one control the 'field of view' in a rendering? What are the settings?
  • I've tried using the Advanced Camera Tool, but cannot get the format of the rendered image to match in extent. How to do this?
  • Shots of my screen image (similar, not identical one) , SU Browser, and raw output are attached.
Screen Shot Looking thru Camera A.jpg 
Browser Image.jpg
Rendered Image (before adjustments).jpg 

Another question: Is there an easy way (like keyboard toggle to hide all the menus and then show them?

Thanks for your help !!!!

Rachel in Brooklyn


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There are three things here 😉

1. If you want the model to fill the image - zoom in!
2. If there is too much space around your final render - use the Podium Image Editor and crop it
3. Sketchup has a tool to control field of view - select the Zoom tool (magnifying glass icon) and hold Shift while zooming. This will change the field of view, and the value will be shown in the VCB in the bottom right hand corner of the SketchUp window

Anything over 45 degrees tends to look distorted, so choose your value with care. 35-45 degrees seems to work best, but sometimes, for example when you have small interior spaces, you need to use a higher value.


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