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The Podium Browser is a great resource for pretty much everything you will ever need for your SketchUp renders, and it's extraordinarily good value for money.

However sometimes you might want just that one extra very highly-detailed piece of furniture for a very special scene.

After the Browser, Designconnected is my favourite resource for this sort of thing. The range isn't as broad as our Browser, but their models are really highly-detailed and render beautifully. They have a big range of designer items, and like the Browser, a fair amount of free items.

Their furniture models aren't ideal for general use because apart from the fact that the polygon count is high, some of the models aren't exactly cheap, you can pay almost as much for some as you pay for access to the entire Podium Browser collection!

However, if you need a special item and are prepared to pay for it (or can bill your client for it [wink]) Designconnected are a great place to start.

You need to be aware that not all models are available in SketchUp format - so check before you buy!

They have a current special offer on for 60% with the discount code DC6000. It doesn't last long, so don't hang around!


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Very good resource page, thanks!
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