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Greetings from Turkey. Something caught my attention. Supodium and Prowalker are very good render programs. Very fast, outdoor renderings are very good. V2.6 HDRI feature is great. (It will be wonderful when the missing is complete.) Prowalker GPU rendering fast and quality. (I've had a few attempts. I wasn't really interested in my time problem.) Using very few people in Turkey market. Or not. I don't know how it is in Europe, America, Asia. It is not included in the render ranking in the forums. Is it because the only designed for sketchup? Or too many unknowns? Maybe I'm wrong. It will be much better if we can adjust the light and exposure of the scene in the supodium. 😀 The Prowalker is good for stage light and exposure adjustment but it is very good in supodium. My impressions this way Thanks
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